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- I am not sure I need to be on Facebook.

Consider this: Warby Parker has grown to be a multi-million dollar company, online just using social media. Think why major optical retailers have Social Media marketing departments! Realize that when people "like" your Facebook page, they and their friends will receive your advertising day in and day out at NO cost to you. When you post, you are keeping YOU top of mind for eye care, eyeglasses, and your expertise.


- I am not sure I will benefit from Facebook.

Realize that if YOU are not engaging your patients, some rock star OD in your area like Alan Glazer (founder of OD's in facebook), Nathan Bonilla, Justin Bazan or another OD near your location will engage your patients! The reality is that this is a competitive business and any business can benefit from social media. We will make posts dedicated to make you look like the expert in eyes and eye care. 


- What am I paying for?

This is a Facebook content creating service for OD's. We create content (posts) that are meant to engage, inform and educate your patients in your Facebook office page. We create 4 types of posts each with a unique marketing intent behind. We also include short easy read videos on medical (dry eyes, allergies) and optical (Blue tech lenses and contact lenses)!


- Where can I see what you do?

Yes! Check out our service here:\DoctorDePaz ,, you will see a few of the pages we actively manage.


- Your posts are "LAME" and look "LAMER"!

Yeah, we know! You are not your target audience, your patient is your target. You are reaching an audience that is NOT you. The posts were developed using various formats and patients focus groups. In other words, THE POSTS ARE NOT FOR YOU! Posts have to be simple and talk to PATIENTS! The posts are created from a patient's perspective, not and OD's perspective. Remember, the less you write the more they read.


- 5 times a week?  How is that not spam?  Is that too much?

We guide ourselves with Facebook marketing data and no this is not "spam" it is the ideal frequency with the idea variables for a small business. Because we create 4 different types of posts, it is not perceived as spam. Consider that during back to school season, online opticals publish as many as 4 times a day! Just "like" and follow Warby Parker and see how often they post.


- Why so cheap?  Other platforms cost $200+

We calculated the cost and time of having one employee get an image and write the text and post it on Facebook. The process takes 12 to 15 minutes, per post, per day, or equivalent to over one hour per week. For less than what you would pay an employee to do this, we can do it in a professional manner, at specific times and days your patients are watching, plus we provide support via


- Why are the post so simple?

The Facebook 2 second rule.  People do not like to read too much!  Our many years of experience in marketing and our zest for artistic creation make sure that we talk to your patients. We talk in terms patients understand. In such the posts are for patients not for you. It is important for OD's to speak to your patients in a simple manner. Our post are designed using patient focus groups and messages they feel are useful.


- Ok, so what happens after I pay my money?

You will watch an instructional 2-minute video that will guide you on how to link with us. In three easy steps, you will be on your way to Social Media greatness!


- Do you need my Facebook password?

NO, we will never ask for a password in order to log in and make the posts. All we need is for you to make us an "Editor" of your business page.  We will guide you with a short 2 minute video once you sign up, it is easy!


- What IF I Do Not have a business page?

We can set up both a Facebook business page and a Twitter account within 24 hours. Easy!

- How do I cancel or stop my service?

If at any time you want to discontinue your service, you should see a link in the BOTTOM of this answer. Click and you will not be charged anymore.  Realize you will be charged for one month, we DO NOT prorate fees. Cancel anytime! No long term contract!


- Do you respond to comments from the followers?

No, we do not respond to user’s comments, that is the magic of social media, it allows you to be "social". 


- If I sign up for your social media platform, will your posts be the same on each of your other Facebook accounts?

Yes and no, they will be the similar in text and background but all posts are uniquely branded to you and your office. Every single one of your posts will have your phone number and website or doctor name.  We do this to increase exposure of your services to friends when they like, share or comment on your posts. 


- How do I improve my social media marketing skills?

You will have access to the video library with over 60 simple one or two minute videos on basic marketing knowledge, how to use Facebook and how to boost posts and improve your online marketing skills. You will also be invited to exclusive webinars to learn new skills and you will be able to ask questions live.


- Can I have input on what is posted?

You will notice that our service is unique and made from a patient's perspective. But yes. Absolutely! We want you to be happy with our service. Once we start, if you see posts you don’t like, you can simply delete them. You can also see the posts before they appear on your timeline! We are an easy, interactive, user-friendly service.


- What if I am unsure about the posts you will make?

Can I see some of them in advance? Yes, you can see the quality of posts in our reference section.  You can also see what is scheduled to be posted in your facebook account and you can delete anything you do not like. 


Congratulations if you have read the whole FAQ section. You will see that all the questions are answered if on the other hand you read this and have questions let us know!


We have developed an OrthoK and Myopia control platform.

Have questions? email us!


Do you need my credit card info?

We ask for your credit card so you don’t experience any interruption to your service if you decide to continue your subscription.

Am I agreeing to a contract when I take a free trial?

NO! You are under no obligation, cancel anytime, the day after or 29 days after. 

What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, all via PayPal at this time.

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